Omega Street Fighter 4 Side Tournament at Winter Clash

Omega Street Fighter 4 Side Tournament at Winter Clash

Yesterday on the Winter Clash event page it was announced that there WILL be an Omega Street Fighter 4 side tournament at Winter Clash. The newly release update will have its own tournament on
Sunday joining the other secondary games which will announced tomorrow (Friday) on the event page.

With regards to Omega Mode and the infinites discovered in the game for certain characters, EsportPR posted the following information regarding that issue:

“With regards to the Side Tournament for OSF4:
All Infinites are banned. Characters will not be baanned, but if one is caught attempting the infinite, you will automatically lose a round. Will follow the same nature as when you pause a game.
Confirmed infinites that have been discovered are the following:
– Gen
– C. Viper
– Ibuki
for those not yet released, any combo or glitch that prohibits the other player of continuing the match is banned. Keep this in mind so that the tournament can be fun or enjoyable. INFINITES are not permitted in the OSF4 Side Tournament.”

For more info, be sure to check out the event page for Winter Clash!

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