The Fundamental Data: Nassau Village-Ratliff

The average family size in Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL is 2.The average family size in Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL is 2.9 family members, with 87.4% owning their own residences. The average home value is $160148. For those people leasing, they pay an average of $792 per month. 49.4% of homes have two sources of income, and a median household income of $57618. Average income is $29890. 6.2% of citizens exist at or below the poverty line, and 19.4% are disabled. 15.7% of inhabitants are veterans for the armed forces of the United States.

The labor force participation rate in Nassau Village-Ratliff is 60.2%, with an unemployment rate of 3.3%. For those of you into the labor force, the average commute time is 30.8 minutes. 4.9% of Nassau Village-Ratliff’s populace have a masters degree, and 8.3% have a bachelors degree. For all those without a college degree, 27.2% attended some college, 44.6% have a high school diploma, and just 15% have an education not as much as senior high school. 12.1% are not covered by health insurance.

Nassau Village-Ratliff: Manifestation, Yearning For Happiness

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