The Organizers

Ricardo Román (Mono)

Owner, founder and producer of First Attack Tournament, originating it in 2013 and Vice-President of Esports Puerto Rico, Inc. He is well known in the FGC community for his Street Fighter tech videos and competitive scene presence using Bison in SF4 and now FANG in SFV. He is also a community leader in Puerto Rico’s FGC, promoting other games to stay active, such as UMVC3, MKXL, GGxr, among others. You may contact him via email at

Maricarmen Vargas (Mari)

Producer and Marketing Director of First Attack Tournament, joining in the team since FA2015, and President of Esports Puerto Rico. She is a League of Legends Community leader in PR and played it semi-professionally till 2014. She also produced several LoL tournaments! You may contact her via email at

Edgar Valentín (Eval)

Bracket Master of First Attack Tournament since its first iteration in 2013 and Logistics Director of Esports Puerto Rico, Inc. He is a prominent player in the Smash community in PR and has also competed in a number of U.S. majors. His biggest competitive accomplishment is 9th in EVO2007. He is also a Community leader in Puerto Rico since 2004.

Yarelis Ayala (Yara)

Recruiter and Staff Manager of First Attack tournament since First Attack 2015. She is also a community leader in League of Legends PR since 2011. She has been collaborating in the PR tournament scene since 2009.

William Winders (Dlaw)

Legal Officer with more than 10 years of running and developing tournaments, he is also the Legal Counselor of Esports Puerto Rico. He is a fan and player since he was born, participating and developing new ways to make the community and scene grow in order to get its proper recognition. You can find him on twitter: @DlawPR

Damayanti Cabrera (Dama)

Cosplay & Experience Manager of First Attack since FA2015 and President of web page Geek Whale. She is a passionate cosplayer who decided to host cosplay events, and after creating an unforgettable experience in FA2015's contest, she hopes to triple its impact this year.

Alexis Andujar (Bolillo)

Founder of Backdash Fighting League (BFL), tournament organizer of fighting, shooters, and MOBAs. Collaborator of First Attack and all related to Esports Puerto Rico, Inc. He is best known in the community of FGC for the category of Mortal Kombat and is a top 8 player in Puerto Rico. Leader of the most active group of MK, MKPR (Mortal Kombat Puerto Rico). Know in Mortal Kombat for his character Shinnok and in Killer Instinct for using Kan Ran where he is the only one that uses them inside of the FGC in Puerto Rico.

Dane Paul Font

Former Interactive Copywriter for Alterno Agency and Contáctica and current Social Media/ PR Consultant at Cross Counter TV, Underlight Pictures and Electronic Sports Puerto Rico.  He has written copy and produced social media campaign strategies with brands such as: Pepsi, Banco Popular, 3M, 3M Graphics, Triple-S Salud, Open Mobile, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Ponderosa, Gatorade, Campoverde amongst many other brands.  Dane Paul was also the Chief of Copy and Campaign Analyst in the earlier stages of the Manuel Cidre for Governor of Puerto Rico 2016 campaign.  For contracts and solicitations please DM @danefont on Twitter or send an email to

Tanya Rivera (LoliiSayuri)

Administrator at Backdash Fighting League (BFL). Streamer & youtuber best know for playing games always on hard or very hard. At First Attack 2015 she ran the Mortal Kombat bracket, help around with the setups, and help the media team. At all BFL torneys she is in charge of making the brackets for each category, runs them and is responsible for the inscriptions.

Pablo Martinez Rodriguez ( Xlayer )


Recreation and Social Director of Esport Puerto Rico, Inc. First Attack Co-Director, League of Legends Puerto Rico community administrator , he is know as Maricarmen's and Mono's right hand and shield, creator of many well know social activities like FGC Barfights and League of Legends Frozen Rift, he believes that gaming is a lifestyle and have the evidence and determination to prove it.

Omar Rodríguez

MES Application Devepoler/Analyst at Bristol Myers Squibb and Web Developer/Admin at Electronic Sports Puerto Rico. Omar brings a strong expertise in web security, web design and server administration. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.


Jonas Martinez (Raid)

Active community leader and member of the Puerto Rico FGC. Known for his performance in UMvC3 with Phoenix Wright, but also a competitor in SFV and GGXrd. Works with bringing international players to First Attack, seeding, bracket running, player sponsorships, and more! Follow him @lolraid


Ruth Rodríguez

CoFounder of MadPix Multimedia, she is an imaginative graphic designer and photographer, who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through graphic design. Her designs and photos have been featured in museums, trademark packages, corporation identity, newspapers, various book and catalog covers, among others.