First Attack 2014 Finals

First Attack 2014 Finals

The First Attack 2014 weekend is coming to a close. Today we finish up with our Top 8 for the main games. Be sure to check out the stream brought to you by Team spooky

USF4 Top 8:

Winners Side
– bTri|Nuckledu vs eSportsmax|Tampa Bison
– GG|Chris G vs MOR|Rico Suave

Losers Side
– DR Ray vs AG|Native Impact
– EG|PR Rog vs FGA|Mono

UMVC3 Top 8

Winners Side:
EG|Justin Wong vs GG|Chris G
EG|PR ROG vs Flocker

Losers Side:
AGT|Ferni-Seraph vs DR Ray
DSL vs Blazing

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Top 8

Winners Side:
TR | Orlie vs HQE | Xcrosss
TR | MannyManito vs BananaKen

Losers Side:
AG | Native vs FGR Justice
THT BB Jackson vs FGR Rob

Super Smash Bros Melee Top 8

Excel_Zero vs BBC | Hawk
Eval vs DR Ray

Yuca vs S@nt
Zyoz vs Master Gheb

Super Smash Bros Project M Top 4

Winners Side:
Excel_Zero vs FGE | Comet


Krave vs S@nt