First Attack Early Results

First Attack Early Results

And so the FA2014 weekend finally comes to a close, but not with low voice. FA2014 had many players from around the Island attending, as well as many players from U.S. And Dominican Republic. The event was also supported by thousands of viewers on Team Spooky’s team. We hope that everyone enjoyed FA2014, the biggest fighting game event in Puerto Rico and we hope yo see all of you next year. Now let’s move on to the results of FA2014 for all main games:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Results

1. Christopher Gonzalez – GG|NYChrisG (Sakura, Elena)
2. Du Dang – bTri|NuckleDu (Guile, Decapre)
3. Eduardo Perez – EG|PR Balrog (Evil Ryu, Balrog)
4. AG|Native Impact (T. Hawk)
5. Dexter James – eSportsMax|Tampa Bison (M. Bison, Rolento)
5. Jonathan DeLeon – MOR|Rico Suave (Abel)
7. DR Ray (Fei Long)
7. Ricardo Román – FGA|Mono (M. Bison)

9. Gorman Miranda – Gorcrx (Ken)
9. Chris Jayson – CEO|CJ Truth (Fei Long)
9. Job Figueroa – RG|Flocker (Cammy)
9. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus)
13. Jose Llera – BananaKen (Evil Ryu)
13. Marcos Rodriguez – Cocaneta (Yun)
13. Hector Fernandez – Flako (Dhalsim)
13. Twitch|Mike Ross (E. Honda)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — Results

1. EG|PR Balrog (Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Vergil)
2. GG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil | Others)
3. EG|Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma)
4. RG|Flocker (Zero, Vergil, Hawkeye)
5. DSL (Spencer, Vergil, Hawkeye)
5. AGT|FerniSeraph (Dr. Strange, Magneto, Vergil)
7. DR Ray (Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Deadpool)
7. Blazing (Morrigan, Dormammu, Dr. Doom)

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma — Results

1. BananaKen (Kokonoe)
2. TR|Orlie (Haku-Men)
3. AG|Native Impact (Tager)
4. THT|BigBoyJackson (Terumi)
5. TR|Manny Manito (Litchi)
5. Xcross (Tager, Amane, ν-13-)
7. FGR|Justice (Valkenhayn)
7. FGR|Rob (Kagura)

Super Smash Bros. Melee — Results

1. ExcelZero (Peach)
2. DR Ray (Mario)
3. BBC|Hawk (Fox, Marth)
4. EVAL (Peach)
5. Master Gheb (Peach)
5. Yuca (Sheik)
7. Zyoz (Marth)

Project M — Results

1. ExcelZero (Marth)
2. FGE|Comet (Sonic)
3. Kraven (Wolf, Lucario)