Winter Clash 2016 Online Registration and Hotel Reservation Deadlines

Winter Clash 2016 Online Registration and Hotel Reservation Deadlines

With only two weeks away from one of the first big Fighting Game events in Puerto Rico this year, we want to make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity available for Winter Clash 2016.

Winter Clash 2016 will be held at Rio Bayamon Golf Course Activity Center. This venue gives a new feel to this well known tournament amongst among the community with a lot more extra space, a restaurant with an exquisite menu, and a bar for those of age who wish to share a few with the community.

BUT… Something very important. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

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With the event just two weeks away, the hotel reservations and online pre-registrations end THIS WEEK. So its very important that you KNOW THE DEADLINES. So here we put both so that you can make haste and prepare yourself for a full gaming weekend.


Hotel Reservations Under Winter Clash 2016 Special Rate:

ENDS ON JANUARY 30th (SATURDAY) – Make sure to call and make your reservations before January 30th. After that, prices will go up and room availability is limited. Don’t Wait til last minute and then be left without a room.

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ONLINE Pre-Registrations

ENDS on February 1st (MONDAY) – To register and compete in the categories within the Line-up and have access to your Pools on the week of the event, it is important that you register online. Not only that, but it’s cheaper if you register online. These are the prices for competitor registration Online vs At The Door.Featured image

  • Online Competitor Registration – $20.00
  • At The Door Registration Competitor Registration -$25.00

*Inscription per game regardless of whether it was Online or At The Door does not change the price. Inscription for each game is $10.00