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Spider-Man 2 Brings 30, 40, and 60 FPS Modes to Gamers

Spider-Man 2 Brings 30, 40, and 60 FPS Modes to Gamers

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has generated an immense level of excitement, emerging as one of the most eagerly awaited cinematic releases of the year. The fervor surrounding this sequel is palpable, with fans and moviegoers eagerly counting down the days until its premiere.

The game is scheduled to launch next month, and Sony is steadily unveiling a wealth of information about its features. Previously, the company treated fans to a trailer during the State of Play event, showcasing a plethora of exciting elements such as a swift travel system, seamless character transitions, and in-depth insights into the various costumes players can expect to explore.

Now, fresh details regarding the game’s visual performance have been unveiled by Insomniac’s director of core technology during a recent interview with IGN.

Mike Fitzgerald confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will offer players more than just the standard 30 FPS and 60 FPS modes. They’re introducing an exhilarating 40 FPS mode that promises to provide a unique and visually stunning gameplay experience.

Mike also revealed that the game is designed to seamlessly integrate with VRR displays and harness the impressive power of 120 Hz.

Why is it important? 

This addition showcases Insomniac’s commitment to delivering diverse options for players to immerse themselves in the game’s world, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal balance between smooth performance and breathtaking visuals.

The 40 FPS mode represents a carefully crafted compromise that harmoniously blends visual quality with frame rate performance. It is an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts who desire a well-rounded experience.

He further expressed that they have made ray tracing an integral part of every mode. This feature will refine the game’s experience, guaranteeing that each player enjoys awe-inspiring visuals and image quality that authentically encapsulate the essence of Spider-Man.

The director elaborated on the significance of player preferences and how they integrate with display technology in the gaming experience. He emphasized the flexibility of their approach, highlighting that it enables them to cater to each player’s unique preferences while fully capitalizing on the capabilities of their display and console.