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The Division 3 Confirmed: Ubisoft Gears Up for the Next Chapter

The Division 3 Confirmed: Ubisoft Gears Up for the Next Chapter

Tom Clancy’s The Division embarked on its journey in the gaming industry with its inaugural entry in 2016. It uniquely fused RPG and third-person shooter elements within a painstakingly designed post-apocalyptic universe.

In a recent and much-anticipated press release, Ubisoft subtly unveiled the commencement of development for the third chapter in The Division series, aptly named The Division 3.

Why is it important? 

This announcement symbolizes the continuous path of a beloved series, sparking excitement and eager anticipation, while also holding economic ramifications within the gaming sector.

This significant revelation coincided with Ubisoft’s announcement of Julian Gerighty’s new role as the Executive Producer for The Division franchise. Julian will now take on the responsibility of The Division brand, overseeing development, operational activities, and the cultivation of a shared creative vision. 

His role extends not only to the development of Division 3 but also encompasses the forthcoming The Division Heartlands and the mobile gaming experience known as The Division Resurgence.

Ubisoft has indicated that Julian Gerighty’s initial and foremost responsibility will involve the assembly of the development team for the project. It suggests that the game has just begun its development.

Ubisoft also revealed that Gerighty will maintain his involvement in his ongoing endeavor, Star Wars Outlaws, until its release. His primary objective remains steadfast: to meticulously steer the game in line with the envisioned creative vision, all in the pursuit of delivering an outstanding gaming experience to players.

Detailed information about the game has not been revealed yet. Gerighty highlighted that the development process for the game will prioritize excellence, ensuring that the final product meets or exceeds players’ expectations in terms of quality and gameplay experience.

He also conveyed his enthusiasm for the project expressing his belief that there is ample room for innovation, considering that The Division IP is still in its early stages of development.

Given the developer’s current engagement with the development of Star Wars Outlaws, it’s unlikely that the game will make significant progress soon.