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Armored Core 6 Enters Steam with Impressive 156K Concurrent Players

Armored Core 6 Enters Steam with Impressive 156K Concurrent Players

After a prolonged period of anticipation, Armored Core VI has finally been released, garnering a positive reception among fans. Prior to its official launch, the game had already made a notable presence among the best-selling titles on Steam. Interestingly, the game surpassed well-known titles, underscoring the extent of anticipation and excitement surrounding it.

Within 24 hours of its launch, the game achieved an impressive milestone by drawing in more than 156,000 concurrent players on Steam. Furthermore, it’s highly likely that this concurrent player count will continue to rise in the days to come.

Why is this important?

This significant number of concurrent players at launch indicates that the game is likely performing well, contributing to increased visibility and a broader player base, potentially leading to sustained success over time.

Armored Core VI has secured the fifth position among the most notable Steam releases of 2023, ranking just behind Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 4, Sons of the Forest, and Baldur’s Gate 3.

The game has become the second-largest title by FromSoftware in terms of peak players. The top spot is held by Elden Ring, boasting an impressive 953,000 concurrent players.

Currently, it holds an average score of 87 on Metacritic. Additionally, players’ enjoyment is evident through its 84% rating on Steam, which is derived from over 3,000 user reviews.

The CEO of Bandai Namco Europe has shared that the company has high expectations for Armored Core VI. He emphasized that while they might not reach the same player count as Elden Ring, they are confident of surpassing the performance of earlier games in the Armored Core series.

The game’s producer revealed that only 300 developers were involved in its development, reflecting FromSoftware’s proficiency and experience in game development.

Based on its initial reception, it can be anticipated that Armored Core 6 will continue to thrive and evolve, indicating that its journey is destined to be robust and enduring.