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EA’s Next Battlefield Game Will Be a ‘Reimagination’ of the Series

EA’s Next Battlefield Game Will Be a ‘Reimagination’ of the Series

Battlefield is a renowned franchise of first-person shooter video games developed by DICE, known for its realistic graphics, multiplayer battles, and various gameplay elements. Since its release, the series has experienced both positive and negative phases, similar to other franchises.

However, in recent years, the series has faced challenges and setbacks that have impacted its reputation and player satisfaction, leading to a decline in the overall experience for fans of the franchise.

Nevertheless, the publishers of the franchise are planning to take a new approach to the next Battlefield game. In a recent earnings call, the CEO of Electronic Arts revealed that the next game in the series will undergo a significant transformation or “reimagination” as a truly connected system. 

This effort aims to recreate the series, address previous criticism, and develop an innovative experience for both existing and new players.  

Why is it important? 

The last two games in the Battlefield series received a poor reception from the audience due to some launch issues. Now, the company is considering changes to the franchise to achieve better financial results and player engagement in the future.

However, the CEO did not reveal specific details about the reimagination, leaving fans curious about what improvements can be brought to the next Battlefield title. EA likely wants to explore the concept of integrating interconnected games into a single central platform.

Electronic Arts is working on a multi-studio pattern with various teams handling different experiences. It has set up a new studio to work on the single-player Battlefield, while a multiplayer experience from DICE is also in progress. Similarly, Ripple Effect Studio is also contributing to a separate Battlefield experience.

After Battlefield 2042, the series also planned to launch Battlefield Mobile, but it was canceled by EA. The next game is anticipated to be launched in 2024, and it is poised to recapture fans’ interest and popularity.