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Elden Ring DLC on the Horizon After ‘Shadow of The Erdtree’ Expansion

Elden Ring DLC on the Horizon After ‘Shadow of The Erdtree’ Expansion

Elden Ring is a popular video game that was released over a year ago by FromSoftware. Currently, players are eagerly anticipating the release of the “Shadow of The Erdtree” expansion, which was announced in February. 

However, as of the time of this statement, no specific details about its content or release date have been made public. It is expected that FromSoftware has more in mind for the game beyond this expansion, which is creating excitement and interest among players.

Recently, Kadokawa Corporation, the parent company of FromSoftware, has revealed its financial report. The report revealed that the company is working on various measures for Elden Ring.  

One of the measures mentioned in the report is the development of a major downloadable content (DLC) expansion to maximize the game’s lifetime value. The upcoming DLC for Elden Ring is suspected to be more significant than initially anticipated. It will bring substantial content and improvements to the game.

 Armored Core 6, another important game by the studio, is set to release after a long development period, but it is listed below “Elden Ring” in this quarterly report, implying that the company places higher importance on “Elden Ring” and its upcoming content.  

It is not yet specified whether the additional content for the game will involve multiple DLCs or other forms of ongoing support, such as regular updates, events, or patches.

The report also revealed that Kadokawa has the intention to utilize the Elden Ring intellectual property (IP) in the future. It can be implied that the company has significant aspirations for Elden Ring and potential plans to expand it in the coming years.