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The Elder Scrolls 6 Embarks on Initial Stages of Development

The Elder Scrolls 6 Embarks on Initial Stages of Development

Elder Scrolls 6 is the highly anticipated release from Bethesda Game Studio. Its announcement was made five years ago, with no specific details revealed at that time. Initially, the game was reported to be in the pre-production phase.

However, it has now been disclosed that the game has moved beyond the pre-production stage and entered the development phase.

Recently, the Vice President of Bethesda Softworks had an interview with Vandal, during which he discussed Bethesda’s upcoming plans and various projects in the pipeline.

In response to a question about Elder Scrolls 6, he confirmed that the early development of the game has commenced.

Why is this important?

Fans of the series had been eagerly awaiting news about the next installment, and the confirmation of its early development has generated excitement and anticipation among the player base.

He further explained that their primary focus is on Starfield, set to be launched on September 6th. We can infer that, like Starfield, the game will require years of development and won’t be released soon.

While the game may not follow the space-faring narrative of Starfield, it still possesses the potential to captivate players with its extensive scale and profound depth. Its objective is to create an unparalleled virtual realm for players to delve into and become fully immersed.

Currently, there is no set release date for The Elder Scrolls 6. Having recently entered the full-fledged development stage, a significant period may transpire before the game is ready for launch.

Previously, Phil Spencer indicated that the game would take at least five years to complete. Consequently, it’s plausible that The Elder Scrolls 6 might not be available until 2028, at the earliest.