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Elgato and Bethesda Unite for Starfield Themed Wave:3 and Stream Deck

Elgato and Bethesda Unite for Starfield Themed Wave:3 and Stream Deck

Bethesda Game Studios recently entered into a collaboration with Elgato, a leading hardware manufacturer. Elgato has introduced a series of custom products inspired by Starfield, which includes the Wave 3 microphone and Stream Deck, to celebrate the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding Starfield.

Last week, Elgato offered a sneak peek of this collaboration and provided a comprehensive overview of these accessories designed for streaming and content creation.

Why is this partnership significant? 

Bethesda Game Studios is a renowned and influential game developer known for creating popular franchises such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Partnering with such a respected studio is a major milestone for Elgato and has the potential to lead to further collaborations and cross-promotions.

Both of these products are officially licensed by Bethesda and make excellent companions for any explorer. The Elgato Wave 3 microphone ensures clear audio quality, enabling streamers to communicate effectively. In terms of aesthetics, the Starfield edition features a striking blue and white color scheme.

The Stream Deck serves as a versatile tool for various purposes, including video editing and livestreaming on different platforms like Twitch. It comes with a set of programmable keys equipped with LCD displays that can be customized to suit user preferences. In addition to the standard version with 15 keys, there are a few other variants available, such as the Mini with 6 keys and the XL with 32 keys.

While Elgato has previously collaborated with prominent entities like Dreamville Records, Discord, and OpTic Gaming, this marks the first time in its history that Elgato has partnered with a game development company. Furthermore, this partnership is expected to continue, as Bethesda and Elgato have plans to unveil more exciting launches in the future.

For those interested in acquiring these products, they are available for purchase on the official Elgato webstore.