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Lords of the Fallen Comes to PC Without Denuvo DRM

Lords of the Fallen Comes to PC Without Denuvo DRM

Lords of the Fallen was recently released on October 13 and has been well-received. The game managed to capture the interest of fans right from the beginning, an accomplishment that its 2014 predecessor, which shares the same title, never quite achieved. However, it is worth noting that the game seems to be facing some challenges related to its performance on the PC platform.

Now, there is noteworthy positive information regarding its PC port that has come to light recently. The developer has officially confirmed that the game will not include Denuvo DRM.

Why is this important? 

This omission of Denuvo DRM marks a significant development in the context of the game’s release on the PC platform. It reflects the game developer’s willingness to listen to player feedback and concerns. Many gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Denuvo and similar DRM solutions, and this decision demonstrates that the developers are taking those concerns seriously.

In response to inquiries from a curious player regarding the specific DRM system to be used in the initial PC release of the game, the Hexworks development team has made a noteworthy disclosure. They have confirmed that the game will steer clear of Denuvo. What’s even more reassuring is that the studio has affirmed its commitment to abstain from incorporating this technology in any future iterations or updates of the game.

Denuvo is protective software added to prevent games from piracy; however, it often leads to numerous performance issues within the game. Its inclusion in PC gaming has sparked controversy, with the prevailing sentiment leaning towards disapproval.

Numerous games have experienced unfavorable receptions as a result of this, as evidenced by the case of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which faced review bombing after the implementation of Denuvo. Furthermore, the original Lords of the Fallen, which included Denuvo, has struggled with performance issues.

The choice to abstain from using Denuvo in the upcoming title is unquestionably a positive and forward-thinking decision. It reflects a commitment to enhancing players’ gaming experience, ensuring that it is more seamless and enjoyable.

This is not the first instance where developers have chosen to abstain from using Denuvo. Hexworks is among the game developers who have expressed their stance on Denuvo. Similarly, the director of “Tekken 8” has declared that the fighting game will not incorporate anti-tamper technology.