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Microsoft Removes $1 Game Pass Trial Ahead of Starfield Launch Again

Microsoft Removes $1 Game Pass Trial Ahead of Starfield Launch Again

Xbox Game Pass allows its subscribers to enjoy various high-quality games without buying each separately. Microsoft offered a trial period for first-time users for just $1. Paying just one dollar would enable users to enjoy hundreds of games for a whole month.

In the month of March, Microsoft ended its $1 trial offer for the Xbox Game Pass. However, approximately one month ago the present time, they brought back the trial offer. But this time, they made a change: instead of having a trial period lasting one month, they reduced it to only 14 days

As stated in a report by XGP, Microsoft has once again decided to end the $1 trial offer for the Xbox Game Pass. This action could potentially be linked to the upcoming release of a significant game called Starfield, which is scheduled to launch on September 6th.

Why is it important?

By removing the trial period, Microsoft is making a move that could potentially impact the accessibility of games for users who relied on the trial to try out new games, including the upcoming Starfield. It could potentially affect user engagement, adoption of the subscription service, and the financial success of Starfield itself.

Over a span of seven years, Microsoft has put in a substantial financial investment totaling millions of dollars into the development of Starfield. The company holds strong hopes for the success of the game.

The choice to discontinue the availability of the Game Pass trial seems to be a calculated move. It appears that Microsoft is strategically planning to capitalize on the game’s potential by aiming to create substantial revenue from it.

For individuals who wish to experience the game through the Xbox Game Pass, a different approach will be necessary. They will need to opt for the complete month subscription, which comes with a price tag of $9.99 each month for PC users, and $16.99 for those who opt for the Ultimate Game Pass option.