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Modern Warfare 3 Is Basically MW2 DLC, PSN Code Reveals

Modern Warfare 3 Is Basically MW2 DLC, PSN Code Reveals

For several years, the “Call of Duty” franchise, specifically the “Modern Warfare” sub-series, has adhered to a tradition of releasing a new main installment annually. 

The discovery of Modern Warfare 3’s game code within the PlayStation database suggests that this year’s MW3 title could be an expansion or downloadable content (DLC) for Modern Warfare 2. 

Why is it important?

This implies that the upcoming game, initially expected to be a standalone title, might instead be closely linked to its predecessor in terms of content and gameplay. 

Furthermore, it has come to light that the BETA codes affiliated with Modern Warfare 3 share an identical concept ID with those of Modern Warfare 2. This discovery raises the hypothesis that these codes may be derived from assets employed in the previous year’s game. 

Moreover, the code implies a transformation of Modern Warfare 2 into a central Call of Duty Hub, granting players access to MW3, MW2, and Warzone seamlessly through a single menu. 

The Call of Duty series has recurrently faced critique for its annual releases bearing similarities. However, this year’s launch appears to deviate slightly from this trend. The report suggests that content for Modern Warfare 3 will be provided as add-ons for Modern Warfare 2. 

Activision has already confirmed that weapons, camos, and the progress players made in last year’s game will continue to be available in this year’s version. 

Anticipations suggest that the premium edition of Modern Warfare 3 will likely be priced around $70, aligning with the established industry standard for AAA releases. 

The official unveiling of the game is planned for August 17, to be showcased during an in-game event within Warzone. Activision has also communicated various pivotal dates, including the full-scale launch of MW3 on November 10.