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Phil Spencer Reaffirms No Mid-Gen Refresh for Xbox Series S|X

Phil Spencer Reaffirms No Mid-Gen Refresh for Xbox Series S|X

There have been rumors indicating that Microsoft might be working on a mid-generation update for the Xbox Series X|S. But the head of Xbox has denied these rumors and clarified that there is no need for such an update.

Recently, Spencer spoke to IGN where he was asked about the possibility of a mid-generation refresh for the Xbox Series X|S console. He stated that there are no plans for any major updates to the console, and the team is currently focused on increasing the storage capacity of the Xbox Series S.

Why is it important?

Phil Spencer’s denial of a refresh suggests that Microsoft is presently concentrating on optimizing and maximizing the potential of the existing Xbox Series X|S consoles, rather than introducing new hardware variations.

Spencer holds the view that it is imperative to provide game developers with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the current hardware and unlock its maximum potential.

He emphasized existing hardware lighting techniques and various elements that contribute to a game’s visual and sensory excellence. In this regard, he believes that the industry still holds a significant amount of untapped potential.

It was also revealed that the Carbon Black Xbox Series S, featuring a 1TB SSD, is on its way for enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the new addition to their gaming collection. This highly anticipated console variant is set to be released on September 6, 2023, with a price tag of $349.99.