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Redfall fans Are Pissed Off Over Arkane’s Silence After A Poor Release

Redfall fans Are Pissed Off Over Arkane’s Silence After A Poor Release

Redfall, developed by Arkane Studios, was launched three months ago this year. The studio has gained recognition for its action-adventure series, but the subpar release of Redfall left fans dissatisfied.

The game’s launch encountered numerous issues, leading to a suboptimal gaming experience that failed to resonate with most players.

Eager for updates and improvements, Redfall fans had high hopes for Arkane Studio’s response. However, the studio’s unresponsive and aloof behavior has left them disheartened. 

A recent Reddit post by a fan perfectly captures the feelings and thoughts of these users. The post highlights the developers’ lack of active engagement with the community after the game’s release.  

Furthermore, the post references Phil Spencer’s promise to support the game, but fans are dissatisfied with the lack of updates and significant progress communicated to them over an extended period. 

Why is it important?

It underscores the importance of effective communication and meeting player expectations in the gaming industry, as a disappointing launch and subsequent silence can lead to a loss of trust and impact a studio’s reputation. 

Despite Arkane Studio’s commitment to delivering a 60 FPS version of the game, it was ultimately released with only 30 FPS. In the past three months, no content updates have been released, and no information regarding the promised content has been shared by the studio. 

Another concern raised is the game’s requirement for an active internet connection, even for single-player experiences, which has troubled some players. The developers claimed to address this issue, but as of now, no progress has been made.  

Additionally, players who purchased additional characters in the game are still awaiting the corresponding upgrades.