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Sony’s Data Security Compromised in Alleged Ransomware Attack

Sony’s Data Security Compromised in Alleged Ransomware Attack

Recently, a hacker collective known as Ransomed VC claimed to have successfully infiltrated Sony Interactive’s entire database. This group has issued ransom demands, warning that if Sony fails to meet their financial requirements, they will proceed to sell the compromised data on the internet.

Ransomed VC emerged in the world of cybercrime in September and has executed several such attacks, with Sony being one of their most recent targets. According to reports from Cyber Security Connect, the hacking collective has presented some evidence of their successful breach, although they acknowledge that this evidence may not be immediately convincing.

Why is it important?

Data breaches can result in significant financial losses for a company, not only in terms of addressing the breach but also potential lawsuits, regulatory fines, and damage to the company’s reputation.

According to Cyber Security Connect, the breach has purportedly exposed Sony’s internal login page screenshots, an internal PowerPoint presentation detailing test bench information, and multiple Java files. Additionally, the group claims to possess a file structure containing 6,000 documents.

Within these 6,000 files, there appears to be a diverse range of documents, including unfamiliar build log files and a substantial collection of Java resources. It’s noteworthy that a significant number of these files are in the Japanese language.

While Ransomed VC has refrained from specifying a financial value for this data, they have included contact information for Sony to facilitate communication. Furthermore, they’ve suggested a potential release date of September 28, indicating that this might be when Ransomed VC plans to disclose the data if their demands are not met.

As of September 26, Sony informed IGN that they were actively investigating the allegations and, at this point, have abstained from making any official statements on the matter.

Sony has experienced cybersecurity breaches in the past. In 2011, the PlayStation Network, operated by the company, suffered a significant breach, resulting in the compromise of approximately 77 million registered accounts and rendering several online features completely nonfunctional.

Initially, Sony estimated that the cyberattack would incur expenses exceeding $100 million. Consequently, the company found itself in the position of extending apologies not only to gamers but also to game developers whose launch plans were disrupted.

It’s worth noting that Ransomed VC appears to function as both a ransomware operator and a provider of ransomware-as-a-service. This dual role implies that, in addition to executing extensive cyberattacks against prominent corporations, the group also collaborates with the European Union’s GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

While this breach may not appear as severe as the infamous PSN hack, any security breach remains a significant concern. Therefore, it’s imperative for Sony to promptly enhance their defenses to prevent any further cyber incidents.