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Starfield Features a Jail System Similar to Skyrim and House Ownership

Starfield Features a Jail System Similar to Skyrim and House Ownership

Starfield is set to be released on September 6th, and Bethesda recently disclosed various details about the game in a Q&A session on Discord. This session covered a wide range of topics, including personal aspects such as relationships and housing, as well as more game-specific elements like the concept of imprisonment and the mechanics of constructing outposts.

The game’s design director, Will Shen, revealed that Starfield incorporates a jail system similar to that of Skyrim to address criminal activities. If players are apprehended for committing a crime, they have the choice to either surrender and serve a jail sentence or pay a fine. Alternatively, they can opt to resist capture and attempt to evade the law.

Another noteworthy feature of the game was unveiled during this Q&A session. The developers explained that Starfield offers players the opportunity to engage with the game world at a profound level by granting them the ability to own and manage virtual properties, specifically houses, in various cities within the game.

While some of these houses can be purchased, others can be obtained by players after completing specific quests. This introduces an element of exploration and achievement, motivating players not only to navigate the cities but also to uncover the narratives that could lead to these hidden treasures.

The concept of facing imprisonment or acquiring properties was also present in other games developed by Bethesda, such as the Elder Scrolls series. With the introduction of Starfield, it is pleasing to see these familiar systems making a return.

Furthermore, Starfield will allow players to establish outposts on planets, which can serve as their homes or as locations to carry out various tasks like mining or manufacturing different items. This addition provides an extra layer of gameplay complexity, enhancing the immersive experience within the game’s universe.