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Starfield Successfully Gone Gold, Preload Dates Verified

Starfield Successfully Gone Gold, Preload Dates Verified

Starfield has been the most eagerly awaited release from Bethesda Game Studios. Its departure from the studio’s usual settings, the extended development time, and multiple delays have generated significant excitement among gamers.

After five years of eager anticipation, Starfield fans can now celebrate, as the game’s development has reached its culmination. Bethesda has recently confirmed that the game has gone gold. It marks a crucial milestone in the game’s development and release process.

Why is it important?

This statement indicates that the game is more likely to meet its launch dates without experiencing additional delays. It refers to a significant step toward players finally getting their hands on the long-awaited game.

In this announcement, Bethesda also revealed the pre-loading dates for the game. The pre-loading of Starfield on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC began on August 17th, while Steam users can start pre-loading on August 30th. It allows enthusiasts to start downloading the game’s data onto their devices in advance, ensuring a seamless dive into the experience as soon as the game becomes available.

Starfield’s confirmed release date is September 6th, 2023, with the early access period starting on September 1st. Players interested in experiencing the game early can purchase the Premium Edition for $99.99. Alternatively, users with a Game Pass subscription can access the Premium upgrade for $34.99 without purchasing the full game.

In addition to this announcement, Bethesda also held a Q&A session on Discord, revealing various other details about the game. The lead quest designer, Will Shen, disclosed that the game offers various housing options in different cities, some of which require purchase, while others will be rewarded upon completing certain quests.