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Take-Two Executives Received $72 Million Following GTA Online Earnings

Take-Two Executives Received $72 Million Following GTA Online Earnings

The President and CEO of Take-Two made a significant amount of money this year.

Take-Two is a leading video game publisher and developer founded in 1993, known for producing acclaimed and commercially successful video games. It boasts several subsidiary game development studios, including 2K Games and Rockstar Games.

According to the company’s SEC filings, Take-Two has paid its executives a hefty amount this year. It is reported that CEO Strauss Zelnick and President Karl Slatoff collectively received $72,350,718. This amount is more than double compared to last year’s earnings.

Why is this important?

The CEO’s earnings are considered a reflection of the company’s performance. If the CEO has earned a substantial amount of money, it indicates that the company has been successful and profitable, instilling confidence among shareholders.

The major contributors to the company’s revenue are the Grand Theft Auto series and NBA 2K. Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 alone has sold over 180 million units this year.

Live-service games like GTA Online tend to be more captivating for players, with new and exciting features fostering a culture of players willingly investing money in games on a periodic basis. 

The upcoming version of GTA has the potential to generate more profits for the company. It is expected that next year’s earnings will be double compared to the recent earnings.