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TEAMGROUP Unveils New T-Create Expert Memory Card Collection

TEAMGROUP Unveils New T-Create Expert Memory Card Collection

TEAMGROUP is a renowned company in the realm of computer hardware, with a specific focus on crafting memory and storage solutions. Recently, the company introduced two high-end memory cards under its sub-brand T-CREATE. These newly introduced memory cards include the T-CREATE EXPERT CFexpress Plus Type B and the T-CREATE EXPERT CFexpress Type B.

Purposefully tailored for employment with DSLRs, SLRs, and cinema-grade cameras, these memory cards are designed to facilitate high-speed photography pursuits. Moreover, they are adept at handling the demands of 4K and 8K RAW videos with high bit rates over extended periods.

They adhere to CFexpress standards and provide fast writing speeds of up to 1,700MB/s, along with reading speeds of up to 1,800MB/s. This is particularly useful for swiftly transferring files to computers and instantly viewing important data without any lag.

The T-CREATE EXPERT CFexpress Plus Type B utilizes pSLC technology and provides read and write speeds similar to SLC. Additionally, it has been revealed that it can maintain a write speed of 1600MB/s for extended periods.

This memory card is equipped with a PCIe 3.0×2 interface and offers a storage capacity of 1.3TB. Impressively, it is equipped to oversee continuous 8K RAW format shooting for approximately four hours, achieving this at a sustained speed of 800 MB/s. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive endurance rating of 28,000TBW, ensuring an unmatched creative journey.  

Similarly, the T-CREATE EXPERT CFexpress Type B card also features a PCIe 3.0 x2 interface, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted high-speed shots. It provides a generous 2TB of storage, enabling creators to capture an 8K RAW video file with an 800Mbps bit rate for approximately six hours.  

Both of these cards are accompanied by an all-encompassing 5-year warranty, assuring creators of extended protection for their investment. Moreover, throughout the entire warranty period, they offer a data rescue service, ensuring an added layer of security and peace of mind for creators when it comes to their data storage experience.