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Volition Games Closes Doors Following Saints Row’s Disappointment

Volition Games Closes Doors Following Saints Row’s Disappointment

Throughout its history, Volition Games has made significant contributions to the gaming landscape, especially through the Saints Row series. Their ability to create engaging and entertaining experiences has garnered them a dedicated fan base and left a lasting impact on the industry.

In 2018, the studio was acquired by Embracer Group. Following the critical underperformance of the Saints Row reboot the previous year, it found a new home under Gearbox.

Recently, Volition shared a statement on its LinkedIn account, revealing that the studio has unfortunately met an immediate closure. The company explained in the statement that the decision to close the studio was an integral component of the company’s previously planned restructuring initiative.

The studio concluded its announcement by expressing its commitment to assisting affected employees in their transition to new opportunities.

Why is it important? 

The studio’s closure marks a significant moment in the gaming industry, signaling the end of an era for a team that has left an indelible mark on the open-world action-adventure genre.

In June of this year, Embracer Group made a significant and strategic announcement regarding a comprehensive restructuring program. The primary objective behind this initiative is to strengthen Embracer’s position within the dynamic and highly competitive video game industry.

The studio’s closure can be attributed to the negative reception of its latest release, Saints Row, which received extensive criticism and backlash from players and the gaming community.

Embracer Group had allocated a significant budget for the production, marketing, and release of Saints Row 2022, but its underwhelming performance resulted in financial losses for the company. Due to this situation, the company made the decision to shut down Volition Games.

With the closure of the studio, the fate of the beloved franchise, Saints Row, has been cast into uncertainty, leaving fans and industry observers eagerly awaiting news about its future direction. It raises questions about whether the game will continue under a different developer, take a hiatus, or undergo significant changes in terms of style and gameplay.