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Xbox Game Pass $1 Trial Period Shortened to 14 Days

Xbox Game Pass $1 Trial Period Shortened to 14 Days

Xbox Game Pass provides access to a wide variety of video games for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. It allows subscribers to download and play various games without having to buy each game separately. To get more people to join the Game Pass community, Xbox has often offered an attractive promotion for $1.

In March, Microsoft discontinued the $1 Game Pass subscription, which then returned in July. It has now come to light that Microsoft has shortened the duration of the $1 trial period, reducing it to 14 days.  

Why is it important?

This change might mean that Microsoft wants its subscription plan to work better. They could be trying to make more people start paying for the subscription sooner and have the trial period be closer to the regular subscription time.  

Reports state that PC gamers and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy this service for 14 days by paying $1. After this trial period, they will need to pay the full subscription fee, which is $16.99 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and $9.99 for PC Game Pass.

It’s important to note that the Xbox Game Pass trial period isn’t available for console users. They are required to pay the monthly subscription price of $11. 

By changing the trial period and making subscription adjustments, Microsoft might want to offer a good deal to users while also making sure their gaming services make financial sense.  

Microsoft has recently revealed its plan to discontinue Xbox Live Gold, replacing it with Xbox Game Pass Core starting from September 14th. This new subscription level enables players to engage in console multiplayer and provides access to a compilation of 25 games.