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Payday 3 Devs Extend Apology Over Turbulent Launch

Payday 3 Devs Extend Apology Over Turbulent Launch

Payday 3, the third installment in the renowned Payday series, made its highly anticipated debut on September 21st. The series is celebrated for its cooperative gameplay, where players collaborate as a criminal team to execute various heists, robberies, and illicit activities.

Fans had been eagerly awaiting the game since its announcement in 2016. Regrettably, the game fell short of their expectations, plagued by a host of significant issues that marred its launch. These problems reached such an extent that the CEO of Starbreeze Studios promptly began issuing apologies for the game’s disappointing state.

Within just one day of the game’s launch, Tobias Sjögren took to Twitter to extend his apology to fans, acknowledging the subpar launch. He expressed sincere remorse for the game’s infrastructure inadequacies, highlighting the inherent challenges in foreseeing every potential issue.

Furthermore, he conveyed the company’s commitment to addressing the situation, affirming their relentless efforts to rectify all service disruptions. Their primary objective is to enable players to smoothly resume their heisting activities without encountering any further obstacles.

Why is this important? 

The message by the CEO instills optimism, signaling the active engagement of Starbreeze in resolving these concerns in the near future.

Payday 3 encountered a slew of connectivity issues that hindered numerous players from pursuing their criminal ambitions. A significant problem revolved around server crashes, rendering matchmaking nearly impossible for some players.

Frustration escalated when PlayStation 5 users were inadvertently provided with an outdated version of the game. The game’s lead producer attributed this problem to Sony, clarifying that the company had mistakenly distributed an incorrect game update.

Although the correct version was eventually delivered to players the day after the mishap, it contributed to a growing list of issues and setbacks that marred the game’s launch. This series of difficulties during the game’s release left players contending with a succession of unfortunate events that significantly impacted their gaming experience.

Players also expressed their discontent with a range of issues, including subpar AI behavior, cumbersome character movements, and performance hiccups.

In a departure from previous entries in the franchise, Starbreeze adopted an always-online model for Payday 3. This strategic decision elicited a mixed reception from fans, with a notable portion expressing reservations and skepticism. Some fans even argued that Payday 3 serves as a prominent example and argument against the practice of designing games to be exclusively online experiences.