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Starfield Mod Allows Instant Travel Across Planets

Starfield Mod Allows Instant Travel Across Planets

Starfield has made a significant impact in the gaming world and stands as Bethesda’s most monumental launch to date. In a remarkably short span of just one month following its release, the game has managed to amass an impressive player base, surpassing the remarkable milestone of 10 million players.

The game offers players an immersive narrative, well-crafted characters, and a rich lore to explore. This vast universe is brimming with meaningful content, making it a standout role-playing game that has graced the gaming world in recent years.

However, the space travel experience in the game falls short of expectations for many players. The act of traveling in space is primarily composed of brief cinematic sequences interspersed with loading screens. Many players find it underwhelming, expressing a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction.

A recently developed mod for Starfield provides a partial solution to this issue and offers an alternative approach to ship navigation. This mod called Slower Than Light, allows players to directly and seamlessly travel between different planets.

Why is it important?

The introduction of this mod significantly improves the gameplay experience for players. Seamless travel between planets without interruptions can make the game more immersive and enjoyable.

Within the original game, it is feasible to achieve seamless travel between planets located within the same star system. However, accomplishing this task is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor, primarily due to the inherent limitations of the spacecraft’s speed.

Slower Than Light mod offers players the ability to exercise precise control over their ship’s speed settings through hotkeys. Remarkably, it grants players access to speeds equivalent to hundreds of times the speed of light.

This not only enables them to traverse vast interplanetary distances without relying on fast travel but, perhaps even more notably, eliminates the need for any loading times during these journeys.

Starfield’s current mechanics don’t permit players to land on a planet seamlessly, without a loading screen during this transition. However, there remains hope that this limitation could potentially be overcome in the future through the introduction of a new mod, addressing this particular aspect of gameplay.

The modder, 105gun, the creator of this mod, has openly acknowledged that this solution is somewhat rudimentary. This is particularly challenging because Starfield’s absence from the Creation Club platform makes it difficult to distribute the mod widely to the player community.

This mod represents a compelling addition to the Starfield experience, filling a notable void that players have been lamenting the absence of.