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Starfield Soars: 6 Million Players in Under 10 Days

Starfield Soars: 6 Million Players in Under 10 Days

Starfield has experienced remarkable success during its early access phase, boasting a staggering player base of over two million individuals. This achievement underscores the game’s popularity and the positive reception it has received among gaming enthusiasts.

The game’s early access phase ended on September 6th, marking the official worldwide launch of this enthralling RPG. Building upon its initial success as a foundation, it has sustained remarkable momentum and attracted a substantial player base on its very first day.

Starfield achieved an impressive milestone with over six million players. This accomplishment firmly establishes it as Bethesda’s most successful launch to date. Bethesda announced this sales figure just one day after the game’s official launch.

Why is it important?

This unprecedented achievement undeniably solidifies Starfield’s status as an exceptional and highly anticipated addition to the gaming world.

As previously mentioned, the game gathered 2 million players during early access, so the full release contributed to bringing in an additional 4 million players.

In comparison to its predecessors, Starfield has outperformed esteemed Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Skyrim achieved sales of 3.4 million units within just two days of its launch, while Fallout 4 managed to sell 1.2 million units on its release day.

Earlier, the head of Xbox made an exciting announcement that sheds light on the impressive reception of Starfield. According to Spencer, Starfield has managed to amass a staggering one million concurrent players on Steam, marking a remarkable milestone in its launch journey. 

Although the game was released exclusively on Xbox, initially raising concerns about its reach among gamers, it has become evident that Game Pass played a pivotal role in introducing it to millions of new players. 

Additionally, developing a game for specific hardware has made the development process more manageable. Consequently, the Xbox exclusivity factor has emerged as a significant driver behind the current success of the game.

Notably, this is just the beginning of the game’s success, and more players are likely to join in the coming weeks.