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Xbox Store Message Fuels Speculation About Call of Duty Joining Game Pass

Xbox Store Message Fuels Speculation About Call of Duty Joining Game Pass

A recent clue hints at the possibility that the cherished Call of Duty franchise, published by Activision, could soon be incorporated into the Xbox Game Pass subscription offering.

Xbox Game Pass has earned acclaim for providing a cost-effective means of accessing various games, including high-profile releases. It has grown to become a pivotal component of Microsoft’s gaming strategy, as it aims to reach a broader audience and deliver increased value to gamers.

Recently, an Xbox enthusiast, named Idle Sloth, brought forth a captivating revelation. While purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 from the Xbox Store, Idle Sloth stumbled upon an intriguing message that materialized on the screen. This message strongly alluded to the imminent arrival of Call of Duty titles on Xbox Game Pass, eliciting a surge of anticipation and excitement among gamers.

Why is it important?

The prospect of including Call of Duty titles, especially revered entries such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and more recent releases, within Game Pass, holds the potential to significantly elevate the service’s overall value and appeal.

Furthermore, some fans have reported the ability to add Call of Duty: Ghosts to their Game Pass library without incurring any additional costs. These occurrences not only contribute to the mounting excitement but also serve as strong indicators that the franchise is on the way to becoming a part of the Xbox Game Pass experience shortly.

It is evident that, initially, older Call of Duty titles will be incorporated into the Game Pass lineup. Recent additions to the franchise, such as MW2, remain tethered by agreements with PlayStation, implying that fans should not expect these titles to grace Game Pass shortly.

In 2022, Microsoft left an enduring imprint on the gaming sector through its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a move of monumental significance. As this historic acquisition approaches completion, it becomes increasingly evident that Microsoft is poised to assume control over the entire portfolio of intellectual properties owned by this publishing juggernaut.

However, Microsoft has not disclosed any recent information in this regard. Previously, Phil Spencer, a prominent figure at Xbox, mentioned that the process of integrating games into Xbox Game Pass is a complex endeavor, requiring a considerable amount of time and effort. Therefore, it is prudent to exercise patience and await the official confirmation for the time being.